Ibra make-up

This is a Polish brand offering high quality brushes and make-up accessories, which is owned by the dynamically developing professional cosmetics market in Aruba.

How did it start?

In 2009 we became the exclusive distributor of Karaja in Poland. The dynamic development of the brand, as well as the cooperation with the top of the best makeup artists, has inspired us to create our own high quality products.

Who do we create?

Ibra's brand is so designed that it reaches not only the professionals, but also the beginner passionate and lovers of makeup. Our goal is to create an assortment that, through its positive value, will improve the work of even the most demanding clients.

Where can we look at our work and products?

Our schedule is filled to the brim, as we are always present at the biggest congresses and trade fairs. We also organize cyclical trainings and workshops, and with the greatest pleasure we support the promotion of our clients.


In our offer you will find high quality natural brushes (goats, ponies, sobol) and synthetic. We also have tufts in 3 lengths, as well as synthetic - natural lashes on the belt. In addition, the company's offer is enriched with a cultured makeup blender product, as well as chairs, cases with brushes belts, applicators and eyelash brushes.

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tel: 17 859 11 02 wew. 22

e-mail: sklep@innsi.pl




tel: 17 859 11 02 wew. 21

e-mail: biuro@aruba.rzeszow.pl

Aleja Tadeusza Rejtana 8
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